Desuet – a small local authentic brand

Desuet is a small local authentic brand. We believe leather is a slow fashion icon that makes the perfect long-term investment. Leather is a strong and empowering element. We want to make it an expression of who we are and reconnect to authenticity. Sustainably leather goods to elevate your everyday.

Arhipelago – modern technologies with traditional business practices

Arhipelago is a Romanian company known for its innovative approach in various business sectors. The company’s core philosophy revolves around integrating modern technologies with traditional business practices, creating a unique blend that respects Romania’s history while embracing the future. This approach has allowed Arhipelago to stand out in a competitive market, fostering a reputation for creativity and efficiency. The service sector of Arhipelago showcases their versatility, offering everything from consultancy to customer service solutions. They […]

REDU – capacity-building for sustainable development

The group of activists built REDU on the solid ground of its previous experiences and undertakings devoted to capacity-building for sustainable development. What started out as Mai Bine’s pioneering project, inspired by the organisation’s values, now is a certified social enterprise that serves as reference for the Romanian sustainable fashion, garments and textiles industry. We were the first in Romania to address waste in both an organised and entrepreneurial way and also by applying the […]

Mai Bine – ecologically sustainable

The vision of the Mai Bine Association is a world governed by sound ethical norms and principles, ecologically sustainable and socially just.Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of the local community by implementing projects under a holistic approach, on all three dimensions of sustainable development: the natural environment, the social environment and the economic environment.