During the ClusterXchange in the Netherlands, it took place a presentation from the CirkelWaarde/CirculusBerkel.

CirkelWaarde is a raw materials alliance of AVU, ROVA and Circulus – three Dutch waste organisations that together collect approximately 1.25 million tonnes of household waste per year. Circulus-Berkel is a company that deals with selective collection in an area of the Netherlands. They started the whole project of the 8 municipalities that created the classification plant.

It is noteworthy that the three entities that group several municipalities have joined together to generate joint strategies for the management of domestic waste.

Circulus Berkel Works in cooperation with other entities with the social project called UpTex Project. The project was created to look for how non-rewearable textiles can still be given a new destination. 

They develop practical insights by learning from and with each other. Insights that contribute to an answer to the question of what is needed to develop new products from non-reusable textiles (remanufacture). In this way, they are gradually developing the Circular Craft Centre for Textiles. And they contribute to the National Programme Circular Economy. Through the UpTex project, recycling research is linked to education and social work.