Coleo – from textile waste management to clothes manufacturing

Coleo is a company that provides services in terms of sustainability, covering the whole value chain, from textile waste management to clothes manufacturing.

Coleo is….

Recycling:     In its streamlined facilities, automated textile sorting with artificial vision technology and blockchain-powered tools converge, ensuring traceability of origins and material quality throughout the recycling journey.

Fibres:            This tale of reinvention starts with the recycled garments breaking down until they become raw materials once again: first fibre, then yarn, and finally, the unique fabric that will be used to create a brand-new garment.

Studio:          At Coleo Studio, collections are designed and manufactured with a persistent drive to innovate and push the boundaries of recycled design, exploring the notable characteristics of our post-consumer yarns and fabrics.

Workwear:  The collection, which will soon be available in a catalogue for online purchase, is made with a significant percentage of materials that have been recycled in-house, a great start towards sustainability and a step towards circularity since it is not only sold uniforms but also helps manage the company’s textile waste.