Fornari – the world of UPCYCLING


The Fornari brand was born from an artisan tradition in 1965, specializing in the manufacture of scarves and ties, we have a vintage archive of our own designs from which we continually draw to create, with new ideas, all our exclusive products. For some time the company was dedicated to the world of UPCYCLE by making bags from vintage products of military origin and making plaid scarves and ponchos from used silk dresses by composing truly unique patchworks, combining them with wool with special processes. From the world of second-hand military clothing, to give a second life to existing products that are no longer in use, in the SS-23/24 collection they found exclusive second-hand cloths, customized with cotton applications printed with designs from their vintage archive, perfect for leisure time, in the countryside or in the beach. Every single garment is unique and non-repeatable, hand-sewn, and part of a ‘green’ project that makes them proud.

The scarves are handcrafted in Italy and India with exclusive processes with hand-made print and exclusive effects. The 2023/24 collection is  inspired by the prevailing concepts in our life today, sustainability, love for our planet, and the desire to smile.
In the collection there are garments made of  Bamboo, an ORGANIC fiber par excellence, a natural antibacterial, NO pesticides are used to grow it and it comes from the waterways of Cambodia and Laos, from local ethical agriculture.  All prints are handmade in Italy with natural colors.