Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto – resolving recycling of household textiles in Finland

Lounais-Suomen Jätehuolto (LSJH) aims to resolve recycling of household textiles in Finland. LSJH has, together with other municipal waste management companies, built an internationally progressive collection and processing model for end-of-life textiles.

LSJH produces recycled fibres at the Green Field Hub facility in Paimio. The raw material incorporates end-of-life textiles collected from households nationwide. The company is planning to build a full-scale textile recycling plant in Topinpuisto, Turku. In addition to the domestic textiles, the new facility will be able to process end-of-life textiles from other countries in the Baltic region.

LSJH aims to find the best possible circular solutions for end-of-life textiles that pass through their hands. The sorted textile raw material is applied to for example chemical, mechanical and thermal recycling processes. End-of-life textile raw material has already been reprocessed into new clothing and homeware textiles, furniture upholstery and insulation materials. LSJH is continuously looking for new co-operations and clients, in order to find new applications and distributors for all domestic end-of-life textiles, in all lines of business.