Best practice: Technological advancement and responsibility towards the employees in clothing production


With more than 20 years experience in the fashion and apparel industry, Piros offers a complex service of ready made garments manufacturing which includes the selection of fabrics and materials. Piros is located in Sandanski, Bulgaria and has 200 employees. Their location and close links with fabric suppliers in Greece allows them to quickly respond to the client’s needs for high-quality fabrics which complement their expertise in the manufacturing of garments.

Their mission is to prove that a Bulgarian enterprise is able to satisfy the needs of the international market. They believe that technological advancement and the responsibility towards their employees and clients are the two key elements to achieve this goal. They are committed to constant improvement of their machinery park and the adoption of new technologies to increase the productivity and efficiency. Their people are the core of everything they do. This is why they constantly aim to improve the working conditions in the factory to ensure the best possible surrounding for all employees. Additionally, they are committed to the development of their people through trainings.


Sustainability, Digitalization