DAI is a brand created by an executive woman who wanted to start wearing comfortable clothes. They have some references with different body shapes and tips to take advantage of your body. They have a tool to help women find their best trousers.Some of their positive impacts are the following: 88% of their textile are eco-certified (tested to be chemically safe on the skin), 72% of their suppliers are powered using renewable energy sources. 100%
Coleo is a company that provides services in terms of sustainability, covering the whole value chain, from textile waste management to clothes manufacturing. Coleo is…. Recycling:     In its streamlined facilities, automated textile sorting with artificial vision technology and blockchain-powered tools converge, ensuring traceability of origins and material quality throughout the recycling journey. Fibres:            This tale of reinvention starts with the recycled garments breaking down until they become raw materials once again: first fibre, then
Cóndor is a children’s fashion brand committed to the well-being and comfort of children. Designed and manufactured in Barcelona, it is recognised for its quality and know-how after many years of experience. Cóndor is authentic, responsible and trustworthy. Exclusive designs, simple lines, and great personality present in a universe of colours. Sizes are available for babies up to the age of 14 years. Condor is the brand of the company Aretex, SAU, founded in 1898 in Arenys de
For almost 100 years now, tailoring has been the passion of CARL GROSS. With a love to excellence and modernity they create men‘s clothing, which stands out from the crowd with Italian stylistics, German fit certainty and quality.Finest details, first-class processing features and high-quality fabrics ensure that traditional handicrafts and the art of tailoring are perceptible and visible in every style, without loosing sight of the zeitgeist.With their experience they guarantee men style and confidence
Valet de Pique is the story of an encounter between a young entrepreneur and a family factory in the heart of Paris, with a century-old know-how as a saddler and harness maker.Valet de Pique is a “made in France” leather goods brand. Local, sustainable and authentic, we design simple, elegant and customizable pieces. WEBSITE
Hul le Kes is a Dutch circular and social fashion brand. All garments are made from existing materials within the Netherlands and Portugal. All garments by Hul le Kes are designed for men, women and all other genders. Hul le Kes’ Pollock Furoshiki Wraps encapsulate sustainable luxury and represent a conscious choice towards a greener future. Each wrap is made at the Hul le Kes Recovery Studio from post-consumer bedding and dyed with natural dyes. This
Got bag
Benjamin Mandos founded GOT BAG and developed the world’s first backpack made of Ocean Impact Plastic. The company’s mission is to rid the oceans of plastic waste. To do this, GOT BAG established its first clean-up program in Demak, Indonesia. Here, participants collect Ocean Impact plastic, i.e., plastic in the sea or coastal areas. The GOT BAG products impress with their minimalist, timeless design. The ROLLTOP has established itself as an ideal all-rounder. WEBSITE
959 NINEFIVENINE® is an eco-design line, composed of pieces made with upcycled car seatbelts and innovative sustainable fabrics. A creative and versatile idea, carried out by designer Paolo Ferrari, who took the inspiration for the brands name from the year 1959 when Volvo introduced the first seatbelt on the market. This link emphasizes both the importance of used materials and the values involved in the project like respect and care towards the people and the surrounding
The Fornari brand was born from an artisan tradition in 1965, specializing in the manufacture of scarves and ties, we have a vintage archive of our own designs from which we continually draw to create, with new ideas, all our exclusive products. For some time the company was dedicated to the world of UPCYCLE by making bags from vintage products of military origin and making plaid scarves and ponchos from used silk dresses by composing
Brunello Cucinelli - innovation and artisan skill
Brunello Cucinelli, founded in 1978 by the eponymous stylist and entrepreneur, is an Italian maison operating in the absolute luxury goods sector which specializes in cashmere and in the international informal luxury pret-à-porter sector. Brunello Cucinelli’s success is rooted in the history and legacy of great craftsmanship as well as in modern design: a quality strategy founded on a combination of innovation and artisan skill. The attention and the care taken in manufacturing the product
Horizon Europe
Presented by Cristina Colonna d’Istria Casian, Europe and International Executive Director for Éa éco-entreprises and  National Contact Point Bio environment Horizon Europe. Wednesday 8th November 2023 from 10 to 11:30am CET Registration link :
On 3 November 2023 Bulgarian Fashion Association, together with denkstatt Bulgaria organizes an online webinar in the framework of the project CLOTH – CLuster Alliance for the Transition to Green and Digital Fashion. Programme (time is in CET): 10-10.40 Effective practices for textile waste utilization The impact of textile waste in Europe Successful practices for textile utilization \examples from several countries\ in Europe Environmental savings from the application of circular economy in the textile sector
TRACEABILITY AND TRANSPARENCE: New European Regulation: how textile and fashion companies could manage the transparency and traceability. B-corp as a best practice. Registration link:
CLOTH Workshop
Join us for a virtual exploration of the latest Digital Communication Tools and Platforms! 🌐💬 Speaker: Alexandru Lăzescu, communication specialist In this event, we will dive into the world of digital communication, exploring the tools and platforms that have changed the way we connect, collaborate, and communicate in the digital age. Whether you’re representing a fashion or digital company or are simply curious about the latest trends in digital communication, this event is for you.
The training will take place online on 9th of November at 14:00 – 15:00 CET. In this webinar you will be presented with the latest research of Danish Ph.D. Thomas Østergaard from VIA University College in Denmark. His Ph.D. thesis has the title: Lost in Transition – design and design education between the Old and the new World. Thomas’s research has shown that designers are challenged on parameters such as e.g., lack of knowledge about
Reginnova NE is an innovation, sustainable development and community support non-profit association set up in October 2016 with the main purpose of boosting innovation and enhancing competitiveness of the textile sector in the NE Development Region of Romania. It is aiming to support innovation and sustainable development of the regional fashion and garment manufacturing industry. BEST PRACTICE ADOPTION LEVELMulti-organisational RELATIONSustainability, Circularity, Digitalization WEBSITE
Katty Fashion was founded in 2003 and has 2 decades of expertise in offering bespoke flexible high-end manufacturing services for all categories of women wears for over 50 EU brands. Winner of C-voucher competition in 2019 and BoostUP Transform CLC EAST EITM Competition in 2020, we focus on an innovative and sustainable business model with a bottom-up, agile approach in the development of viable techniques/services of zero-pre consumer waste in collaborative design, product development and
UtilDeco is the social insertion enterprise established by “Close to You” Foundation Romania (ADV), in 2008, as an employment solution for young people with disabilities, those who come from the child protection system or from families with problems. Since 2002, the ADV Foundation has been running programs to facilitate the insertion of HIV-positive young people into the labor market (vocational therapy services, training courses and professional guidance). The failure to hire these young people and
TAAS Consultancy is a young company that has emerged in response to the market need for quality services specific niche areas of technical assistance and strategic management consulting.The founder, who is a senior consultant with expertise in strategic planning, regional development and implementation of business ideas, projects and procedures, ensures the services we promote and develop with references and name that she has. The expertise acquired is due entirely to her mentors within the meaning
Established in 2010, Tudor Personal Tailor brought a British, made-to measure private tailoring concept to Romania. The Tudor clothing consists of power business, ceremony and casual suits, shoes, bags and accessories. You can find Tudor Tailor in two exclusive showrooms, inside Athenee Palace Hilton (1-3, Episcopiei Str., Bucharest) BEST PRACTICE ADOPTION LEVELOrganisationalNationalInternational RELATIONSustainability, Digitalization Facebook page: