Reginnova NE – innovation, sustainable development and community support

Reginnova NE is an innovation, sustainable development and community support non-profit association set up in October 2016 with the main purpose of boosting innovation and enhancing competitiveness of the textile sector in the NE Development Region of Romania. It is aiming to support innovation and sustainable development of the regional fashion and garment manufacturing industry. BEST PRACTICE ADOPTION LEVELMulti-organisational RELATIONSustainability, Circularity, Digitalization WEBSITE

Katty Fashion – bespoke flexible high-end manufacturing services

Katty Fashion was founded in 2003 and has 2 decades of expertise in offering bespoke flexible high-end manufacturing services for all categories of women wears for over 50 EU brands. Winner of C-voucher competition in 2019 and BoostUP Transform CLC EAST EITM Competition in 2020, we focus on an innovative and sustainable business model with a bottom-up, agile approach in the development of viable techniques/services of zero-pre consumer waste in collaborative design, product development and […]

UtilDeco – the social insertion enterprise

UtilDeco is the social insertion enterprise established by “Close to You” Foundation Romania (ADV), in 2008, as an employment solution for young people with disabilities, those who come from the child protection system or from families with problems. Since 2002, the ADV Foundation has been running programs to facilitate the insertion of HIV-positive young people into the labor market (vocational therapy services, training courses and professional guidance). The failure to hire these young people and […]

TAAS Consultancy: Materialising  the construction Technology – Approach – Art – Specificity

TAAS Consultancy is a young company that has emerged in response to the market need for quality services specific niche areas of technical assistance and strategic management consulting.The founder, who is a senior consultant with expertise in strategic planning, regional development and implementation of business ideas, projects and procedures, ensures the services we promote and develop with references and name that she has. The expertise acquired is due entirely to her mentors within the meaning […]

Tudor’s Tailor Made-to-measure

Established in 2010, Tudor Personal Tailor brought a British, made-to measure private tailoring concept to Romania. The Tudor clothing consists of power business, ceremony and casual suits, shoes, bags and accessories. You can find Tudor Tailor in two exclusive showrooms, inside Athenee Palace Hilton (1-3, Episcopiei Str., Bucharest) BEST PRACTICE ADOPTION LEVELOrganisationalNationalInternational RELATIONSustainability, Digitalization Facebook page:

VAER – Upcycled Sneakers

VAER is a Danish company that transforms discarded jeans and workwear into upcycled sneakers. Because they upcycle, they don’t have to shred the textiles and make them into a new material, they just use the textiles as they are, which saves lots of valuable resources. Their mission is to make textile upcycling scalable, so they can give a new life to as many textiles as possible. They are currently selling B2C, but are also doing […]

Pellenc ST’s Groundbreaking Work: Advancing Textile Waste Sorting for Sustainability

Pellenc ST, a leader in sustainable solutions, has revolutionized textile waste sorting, paving the way for a more environmentally friendly approach to waste management. Their cutting-edge technologies and innovative processes ensure efficient sorting, maximized material recovery, and minimized environmental impact. Pellenc ST’s groundbreaking approach to textile waste sorting is driving sustainability and reshaping the industry’s practices. By focusing on advanced sorting technologies, tailored solutions, and collaboration for change, they are making a significant impact on […]

13A’TIPIK: Unleashing Creativity and Sustainability in Artistic Designs

At the forefront of artistic design, 13A’TIPIK is a company that blends creativity, innovation, and sustainability to create unique and inspiring creations. Through their commitment to eco-friendly practices and their unwavering passion for art, 13A’TIPIK has established itself as a trailblazer in the industry. The workshop places sustainability at the heart of its artistic endeavours. By combining artistic vision with eco-conscious practices, they have redefined what it means to create responsibly and ethically. The company’s […]

FASK: Empowering Collaboration and Networking for Textile Manufacturers

Best practice identified during Cluster visit and Capacity Building Programme in France – FASK FASK is a dynamic association that brings textile manufacturers together, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective growth. By building a strong network and facilitating connections within the industry, FASK empowers manufacturers to thrive in a competitive market and navigate industry challenges. FASK recognizes the power of a collective network. By uniting textile manufacturers, they create a supportive ecosystem where members can […]

Best practice: Why sublimation printing is sustainable

The heat transfer sublimation printing process is a great eco-friendly and highly sustainable printing technique. It is not only simple, but also efficient in creating bright and interesting prints on fabric. It is a fantastic technique that’s used by top designers and visual artists. CLOTH project participants in the CXC Ruse/Bucharest were acquainted with sublimation printing at GABIC – producer of flags and offering sublimation printing services. Sublimation printing is a chemical process that imprints a […]

Best practice: Long-lasting garments with timeless quality by DiR Dilyana Rusanova

DiR Dilyana Rusanova – a brand born by a childhood dream and an aspiration for beauty, style and uniqueness. Found in 2020, the brand is an ambassador of one-of-a-kind handmade clothing and accessories for men and women, that come in capsule collections and certainly turn heads. Each cloth is mindfully tailored, freely embraces the body shapes and at the same time brings the feeling of elegance and individuality. The brand design principle is for comfortable, […]

Best practice: Recycled and degradable fabrics

The ECOINNOVATION line of PENN Italia offers a wide selection of recycled and degradable fabrics, made with reconverted polyamide yarns to create a new sustainable and quality product that highlights the innovative aspects of the company. This group also includes articles in organic cotton, grown, produced, processed, and certified according to organic agricultural standards, thus promoting the protection of our environment. Penn Textile Solutions is an internationally-minded company with the expertise to develop and produce […]

Best practice: Zero waste, zero use of water

In a Circular Economy the aim is to create less waste by making the most out of every possible material and fabric involved in the production process. Recovered scraps of fabrics are upcyled from the industrial production, without requiring additional consumption, by the company Imbotex. The whole process is mechanical and does not involve any kind of chemical. It is also less impactful in terms of energy consumption, waste production, water usage, CO2 emissions. The […]

Best practice: NATIVE Sustainable Textiles technology for fabrics made from recycled yarns

All Sitip fabrics for clothing are part of a sustainable supply chain for a lower consumption of natural resources and a limited dependence on non-renewable energy, in full compliance with leading international environmental standards. NATIVE Sustainable Textiles technology is for fabrics made from recycled yarns. Sitip also offers a selection of finishing treatments with a low environmental impact. ISO 14001 certification attests to the company’s commitment to reducing the risks of pollution and its desire […]

Best pratice: Making sure no garment transforms in waste after being used

Atelier Riforma is an innovative startup with a social vocation and the mission of facilitating the sustainable management of post-consumer textile waste and promoting the transition towards a more circular fashion production and consumption model. Atelier Riforma started from an idea that was then out of the chorus: to create a network of tailors, designers and social tailors who would transform discarded garments to give them more value and put them back into circulation on […]

Best practice: Technological advancement and responsibility towards the employees in clothing production

With more than 20 years experience in the fashion and apparel industry, Piros offers a complex service of ready made garments manufacturing which includes the selection of fabrics and materials. Piros is located in Sandanski, Bulgaria and has 200 employees. Their location and close links with fabric suppliers in Greece allows them to quickly respond to the client’s needs for high-quality fabrics which complement their expertise in the manufacturing of garments. Their mission is to […]


Brutale offers custom tailored suits, shirts and jeans with fabrics made in Italy. Brutale is a registered trademark for men’s fashion, under which they offer the production of custom made clothes – men’s suits, men’s jackets, men’s shirts, men’s coats, jeans and accessories. Their tailors use Made to measure technology to make quality products that fit perfectly to each client, give individuality and are made from some of the highest quality fabrics on the market […]

Best practice: Sustainable Fiber Bonded Fabric by MINOAR

Minoar is a brand for artisan darkwear clothing for men and women. The brand was born out of the desire to create distinct and comprehensive appearance. Over the years, several novel techniques and functional details were created and introduced. Elements such as buttons, buckles, welt pockets and fabric itself found their in-depth position in an artisan realm. The Fiber Bonded Fabric is patented by MINOAR. This signature technique is neither knitted, nor woven. Fiber Bond […]

Best practice: NORDKONCEPT – Functional fashion that lasts

NORDKONCEPT makes functional/modular fashion. They focus on zip-on jumpsuits. This design detaches at the waist through a custom zipper for comfort without compromising on style The garment is modular, it can become different styles by replacing, adding or removing pieces. The business model is circular. The company focuses on creating durable garments made out of recyclable materials. It solves the number one issue of jumpsuits: their functionality. BEST PRACTICE ADOPTION LEVELValidated RELATIONSustainability, Circularity WEBSITE


Tales of Anyday is a fashion brand that stands for changing the view towards sustainable fashion and that aims to make sustainability a stylish and modern concept. Tales of Anyday is born out of a need to create an alternative to fast fashion and conventional clothing. One that doesn’t compromise on style and at the same time is of timeless quality. We only work with carefully chosen materials that are environmentally friendly and responsible, such […]